Bowen Island Real Estate ~ Do you Need a Bowen Island Real Estate Agent?

Whether you're looking to buy a home on Bowen Island or moving off the Island, Dexter provides you with the expertise and the business savvy you need to have the best experience possible.

So, why would somebody, living in Vancouver, choose a Bowen Island realtor to work with? 

David Peerless is Managing Broker and Owner of Dexter Realty. David and his family also have a long history with Bowen Island. His family first started coming to Bowen over 60 years ago and were one of the first to buy one of the original Union Steamship cabins. 

"You know, it's a good question. I think, in essence, it's really how do you bridge the two communities. Very few people in Vancouver understand or know Bowen Island if they're a realtor. 

You know, the realtor that we have on Bowen Island, Vaune Kolber, knows Vancouver and understands the Vancouver market. And, she has access through our company to all the resources to keep you informed about the Vancouver marketplace. But, because you, Vaune, live on the Island, you know and care about the Island, and have that unique quality to bridge the two communities. 

You have decades of experience, living and working in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. You also bring that professionalism and dedication to service to your clients both on Bowen Island and in the Lower Mainland. 

Vaune, you have a deep love for the Bowen community and all that makes our Island such a special and unique place to live. And you love to share that joy and appreciation with our clients!

Meet Vaune Kolber - Realtor®

That's the greatest value that I think you bring to the table for a client who is either thinking of moving to Bowen Island and selling a home in Vancouver, the East or West side, the Westend, in the Lower Mainland, you can help them with that. Or for the client who have been on the Island and selling their property and wanting to move to Vancouver. Or clients who are on Bowen and wanting  a new place on the Island to live -Vaune understands the community.

Having that unique quality of understanding both markets and the resources of a big company in the area to back you up on that, I think is a huge value to that kind of a client."

With over 38 years in real estate in the Vancouver and Bowen Island marketplaces, nearly 200 staff in the Lower Mainland area, and a dedicated team on Bowen, Dexter truly bridges the two communities. We can bring people to the Island, we can bring people from the Island to the Mainland, and service all of their real estate needs in doing so.

“When I think about Dexter in the city of Vancouver where we have a great deal of strength, and our connection to Bowen Island, which is a very passionate personal feeling I have to Bowen, I like to think that our success has been the bridging of those two areas. Our customer base is a long-term Vancouver clientele and we have a deep understanding of the Bowen community. The customers from outside of the Vancouver area, they want to work with a company that knows the market, is strong in the Vancouver marketplace, and if they want to explore and experience Bowen Island, we also have the ability to do that."

Clients deal with Dexter because of the real traditional values that we have. Our dedication to the clients. Our professionalism. We deal with generations of family. We deal with people that have lived in the city for a very long time. Multi-generations of buyers and sellers and those families. We understand families and communities.

Dexter is also a company that has an international scope. And so, we connect those values that we have in the culture of Dexter into our business model, and we work with families to achieve their goals and housing needs.

Through David Peerless and his family, Dexter has had a presence on Bowen for more than 60 years. We know the Bowen community. We also know what it takes to get the best deal, the best offering, in the competitive City market.

We're your bridge to both.

Looking to buy or sell real estate on Bowen Island? This series of videos and our Essential Real Estate Reading blogs offer the detailed information you need to make an informed decision.

After a stay on Bowen you may not want to leave. For real estate enquiries, call or text me, Vaune Kolber, at 604.506.7534.

Or visit my website Better on Bowen Real Estate. Current listings on Bowen are located here.